Ok Dude. You see the world through half empty  glasses, and we can easily understand why. 

Let’s just hope your glasses are broken and not predicting the future. But don’t take them off just yet, if you wish to fix them, read more about  inspiring initiatives springing all over the world below.

Okay.. you got under 50% of accurate answers.

Maybe you should renew your gender lens prescription. JUST KIDDING, NO WORRIES! Scroll down to find some good resources to build the most powerful gender lenses you can.

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Let’s raise our (gender) glasses towards equality

On March 8th, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Sparknews is inviting 14 news outlets around the world to join forces to cover gender-based global issues and to focus on the women, men, NGOs, citizen movements and policies tackling the gender gap at their level, as well as the impact empowering women can have on wider issues. 

Pour plus d’égalité de genre

Le 8 mars, pour marquer la Journée internationale des droits des femmes, Sparknews invite 14 médias de différentes régions du monde à unir leurs forces pour couvrir les questions mondiales liées au genre et mettre en avant les femmes, les hommes, les ONG, les mouvements citoyens et les politiques qui s’attaquent à l’écart entre les sexes à leur niveau.